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"Someday, overfishing will be recognized as a problem that we are creating, and the time will come when there are no more sharks left to fin." -- 13-year-old Mandy Zhou in a letter to the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources in June of 2003. Mandy urged the department to consider the costs to the environment and economy of continuing to allow shark finning in Philippine waters.


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"I have learnt so much doing during this unit. I never knew how endangered the oceans really were, or about sharkfin soup and tuna populations. Learning all this has made me care about the ocean and want to do something to help protect it. I was also very surprised about how complicated ecosystems are." -- Mia Stone, a 12 year old Australian student at Mount Zaagkam International School, Papua, Indonesia





Dear Senator Yee,

I am a 16-year-old student living in Hong Kong, and I would like to praise your diligent work combating issues in San Francisco such as Women's Rights, LGBT, and funding for students. You are making wonderful breakthroughs as a Chinese American and I am proud that you are here to represent us Chinese in the states.

But, I am here to address the issue of shark fin soup. I know that it is a delicacy, and magnificent to consume, but the consumption has to stop. Being Chinese, I truly understand how highly it is placed in our culture; my parents also love to eat it. But as this world is changing, our views and perspectives have to change too. Limiting the consumption of shark fin soup does not limit our heritage and our culture, and if you think so, I think that you should change this attitude.

WE depend on sharks, as a part of our world's bio-diversity. If we continue to consume sharks, and lead our ecosystem into further disruption, eventually cause havoc to our environment. This is a basic explanation of the ethical and environmental repercussions that would occur, but my main request is for you to stop consuming it, and think about how shark fin soup is not a necessity.

Shark fin soup is only consumed for great celebrations; it is not a necessity for humans to survive on. Quoting the words of a 5th grade student, "Sharks need their fins more than we do". I would gladly support you for the election, but please change your views on this issue; and coming from a fellow Chinese, don't see it as an attack on our culture.

Nicole Wong
Chinese International School of Hong Kong

April 2011 Letter to California State Senator and San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Leland Yee


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