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The purpose of our products & services is to empower teachers by providing them with the resources and training they need to help young people understand how each of us is connected to the ocean.

*Why I Care About SHARKS is a natural history/fiction adventure story for young adults about the quest of a couple of kids who try to understand why sharks and other big fish are disappearing from our oceans. Full of dynamic pictures, comics and scientific illustrationsthe bookshows how people and sharks are connected and brings their relationship to life for both children and adults.Why I Care About Sharksinspires by helping young and old see how our voices and our choices matter and will make a difference not just for sharks but for the future of all life in the oceans.

*Consuming Coral Reefs helps young people think critically about the changes human appetites have caused coral reefs since the time of Christopher Columbus. Synthesizing the work of experts in many fields, the book shows how scientists, historians and ordinary citizens are working together to try to ensure a future for one of the greatest ecosystems on our planet.



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