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How Can You Make a Difference?

We are grateful for the support of several organizations for financial support and dozens of scientists who believe in our projects, have made their research accessible, given us feedback, edited our work and donated their photographs for use in our publications.

Teachers on Bali at Sekolah Dyatmika have voluntarily translated Why I Care About SHARKS into Indonesian, and in Egypt a group of Marine Biology graduate students have translated the book into Arabic. Both groups are keen to have children in their countries learn more about the sea and need our help to raise the funds necessary to produce and distribute these translations.

Please consider funding any of the following projects. Every little bit helps. Our wish list:

  • Production of Why I Care About SHARKS in Arabic. ($20K needed)
  • Production of Why I Care About SHARKS in Indonesian. ($20K needed)
  • Translation of Why I Care About SHARKS into Mandarin Chinese. (Cost TBD)
  • Printing Consuming Coral Reefs in English. ($10K needed)
  • Travel to Conferences & Workshops  

You can also support Fintegrity’s work by purchasing class sets of books for a school. When schools that have the funding to purchase books do so, it allows us to give more books away to schools that do not have the means to pay for them.

Become a Fintegrity Educator – Use our materials and collect data for us regarding the success of the program in your school. Donate lesson plans and ideas for assessment to our wiki and send us photos of your students what we can use on our website.


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